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Morrow Project Issue, Bug-Out Kit

This kit is intended to be included in the cryo freeze chamber for an emergency situation that may arise, i.e. if the bolt-hole is breached and you can't get to your equipment in the vehicle.  It can also double as an emergency bail out kit for a vehicle, once the bolt-hole is abandoned.  This kit is not intended for long term survival.

Contents contained in a small olive drab (OD) backpack.  

Weight: approx 5.50 kg w/o weapon
             approx 9.75 kg w/ weapon

Kit includes:

1 M-6 Survival Rifle, .22 LR and .410 gauge shotgun.  50 rounds .22LR, 50 rounds .22 JHP Hornet, 25 Rounds .410 slug, 50 rounds .410 bird shot, 8 rounds each red, green, white flares.
1 Black-widow .22LR back-up pistol, 50 rounds .22LR Magnum JHP
1 Short range survival radio, range 10 kms.  One channel only
1 Heavy duty reinforced space blanket, OD on one side, silver on other
1 Light weight OD rain poncho
2 Large heavy duty trash bags
1 Water filter straw
1 Personal MP Issue Survival Kit (see below)
1 Personal first-aid kit (see below)
1 Small collapsible plastic bucket
1 Water storage bladder
1 OD plastic canteen & canteen cup
1 OD BDU pants
1 OD tee-shirt
1 OD wool sweater
1 OD wool watch cap
2 Pair grey socks
1 OD light weight wind-breaker
1 Pair black leather gloves, w/ OD liners
4 Boxes of water/ wind proof matches, w/ OD plastic container
2 Disposable lighters
1 "Tommy" cooker and 3 boxes, of 25 fuel tablets
1 Set KFS (Knife, Fork, Spoon)
1 Folding pocket knife
1 Knife sharpening stone
20 m of OD para. cord
1 Note pad w/ pen & pencil
1 Signal mirror
1 Signal whistle
1 Small flashlight
1 Folded local map
1 Compass
Toilet paper in sealed plastic bag
2 MRE meals


The Springfield M6 Scout covers a variety of needs in both normal and emergency situations. Improved and updated from the original U.S. Air Force M6 Survival Rifle, the Springfield M6 Scout is a tough, reliable rifle you can depend on.
Stainless Steel construction resists sand and saltwater, and performs flawlessly in foul weather conditions. An optional lockable marine flotation carrying case affords maximum protection for the M6 and provides convenient storage. Emergency signal flares are available and store inside the weather-safe stock.
Just under 4 lbs., the M6 Scout is a no-nonsense rifle light enough to pack all day. The over-under barrel design features an upper rifle barrel chambered for a .22 rimfire or .22 Hornet cartridge and a lower .410 gauge shotgun barrel for magnum shot shells, slugs or flares. Cartridges and shells are conveniently stored in the butt stock. Each M6 is drilled and tapped to accommodate a Weaver base scope mount.
The M6 Scout features a folding stock which is easily detached via a quick-release pivot pin. An M6 breaks down in less than 5 seconds to a very compact overall length of 18 inches, providing easy storage on a boat, small plane, tractor or recreational vehicle. A specially designed trigger guard allows conventional finger firing, or full hand firing while wearing mittens or heavy gloves.

Rifle Barrel
Caliber: -.22 Long Rifle or .22 Hornet
Twist: -1:15 RH (.22 Long Rifle);1:13 RH (.22 Hornet)
Grooves : 6

Shotgun Barrel
Caliber: .410 gauge / 2-1/2" or 3" shot shells or 3" slugs
Weight: 4 lbs. (approx.)
Overall Length: 32"
Barrel Length: 18-1/4"
Sight Radius: 16-1/8"

.22LR - 6,
.22 Hornet - 8
.22 LR Magnum JHP - 10
.410 Ga. slug -15
.410 # 7 shot - 2 x 1d20 pellets
.410 Flares Red, Green, White; 1200 cp, for 4 minutes.

.22 Black-widow

Length: 6.25 inches  
Barrel length: 2 inches
Weight: 1.2 pounds
Bore diameter: .22 caliber
Maximum effective range: 82.02 feet(25 meters)
Rate of fire:
Rapid (w/o speed loader): 12-18 rounds/minute
Sustained: 12-18 rounds/minute
E-Factor: 8 .22LR JHP Magnum

Morrow Project, Personal Survival Kit
The survival kit is issued to all personal of the Morrow Project. The kit consists of two plastic containers, each measuring 11.43 cm x 13.97 cm x 3.81 cm with each container weighting 0.45 kg, curved to fit in chest or thigh pockets.  They are sealed with O- rings and held together by "C" clamps that run the length of the long sides, the clamps being slid off when the contents are needed.

Container No.1
1 Aluminum dish
1 Lipstick, anti-chap and sunburn protective
50 Iodine water-purification tablets
1 bar of soap (3/8 ounce)
1 Tincture benzalkonium chloride bottle (2CC)
1 Illuminating candle
2 Waterproof receptacles (rubber prophylactics)
11 A.P.C. tablets
6 Waterproofed matches
1 Single edge razor blade
3 Band aids
1 Adhesive plaster
1 Boric acid ointment, tube (1/8 oz.)
1 Gauze
6 Salt tablets (sodium chloride)
6 D-Methemphet hydrochloride tablets
1 Mirror with cord attached
1 Snare wire assembly

Container No. 2
1 Gerber Multi-tool
16 Oxytetracycline tablets
1 Wrist compass and strap
1 Fishing kit (plastic container, 2 wet flies with snell, 15 fish  hooks, nickel demon with double hook and 3 lead strip sinkers)
6 Waterproof matches
1 Single edge razor blade
1 Sewing kit (2 needles and thread)
1 Sparking metal (flint)
1 Fishing line
1 Sun and bug repellent, tube (1 oz.)
1 Absorbent cotton (2 grams)
1 Chamois
3 Band aids
2 Spare sinkers

9 MAINSTAY EMERGENCY FOOD BARS: Mainstay brand emergency food bars have been specifically formulated for LAND-BASED HIGH STRESS situations. Mainstay food bars are ready to eat and non-thirst provoking. Each package contains 9 pre-measured 400 calorie bars, or "meals". The individualized portions eliminate the messy breaking-up that occurs with other bars.

These emergency food bars are high in protein, allowing for on-land emergency consumption in a high stress active situation. Mainstay bars have a fat content of below 29% and contain no cholesterol or tropical oils.

Mainstay emergency food bars can withstand temperature extremes ranging from 40 degrees below zero to 300 F. Mainstay is enriched with vitamins and minerals exceeding the RDA requirements.

Mainstay emergency food bars are moist, but not crumbly, with a pleasant lemon-vanilla flavor that stimulates salivation, and avoids the need for liquids to "wash it down". Drinking of fluids with a Mainstay bar has the added advantage of producing a "full" feeling, after consumption, due to a slight expansion of the food matter.   Mainstay bars are packaged 9 bars to a vacuum-sealed, mylar foil pouch. Mainstay food bars are for emergencies, and should not be consumed, if other foodstuffs are available. Weight is 0.15 lbs (0.07 kg) per Bar, or 1.35 lbs (0.61 kg) per Pouch.

Personal First Aid kit: is an economical trauma pack for on site response. It provides the basic supplies needed for most emergencies.
100 Adhesive Bandages various sizes
50 Antiseptic Wipes
5 Cold Packs
1 Sterile Sheet
1 EMT Shears
4 Eye Pads
2 Eye Wash powder mixed with water
1 First Aid Manual
1 Forceps
1 tube Burn Ointment 6 ozs.
4 pr. Latex Gloves
3 CPR Micro-shields
1 8 oz. Hydrogen Peroxide bottle
1 Rescue Blanket
25 Gauze Pads
5 Conforming Bandages
5 Combine Dressings
2 rolls Adhesive Tape
3 Triangle Bandages.
The nylon bag has 5 compartments for easy access.
Dimensions: 13" x 8" x 5 1/4".  
Weight:  1.89 kgs.